Friday, September 02, 2011

Kittens: Cuteness Overload

Have you ever had that feeling where you're just overwhelmed and stuck between a rock and a hard place? Sometimes at stressful situations, all you can do is just let out a heavy sigh. One of my routines for de-stressing was looking at cute animal pictures! Well, I guess I lucked out because my family adopted two kittens! They are such a bundle of joy and fluff balls of cuteness. It's just overwhelming. I completely forget my stress when I'm around them. I took out a camera and took some pictures because they are just too cute to not share.

Growing up in a household with pets actually can help lower your risk of getting allergies and asthma! Web MD says that heart attack patients who have pets live longer than those without. 


Being Cute.


NoodlehSoupeh said...

I can relate. We all have stressful moments! All we can do is keep finding ways to reduce our stresses. Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the pick-me-ups we need to make our day a bit brighter. Like Enzel and Enoch :).

Rosamond Kim said...

@ NoodlehSoupeh Yeah they are too sweet.

miss cat lady said...

Hi! thanks for dropping by my blog and following. i love reading your blog :) your pictures are just awesome!! my furry heroes are my therapy. my life is so empty without them. they are great stress relievers. :)

Chococcuro said...

Kittenss!!!! You are so right...hanging out with my cat always makes me fee much better...

Minna said...

Thanks for the loveliest comment ever. ♥ Cats are so cute and adorable. When I was little I wanted 100 cats. :D Too many maybe?

You're right about the animal pictures - they are so cute that they make you forget everything unpleasant. :)

You're blog is so nice too and you seem like a really nice and kind person. I'm your newest follower! :)


Minna from