Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Markets, food, and trinkets: A cultural immersion in Richmond, Canada

Took a trip around the night market. We went there early about thirty minutes before opening so that we could find parking. The trick with parking at the Richmond Night Market is to park outside of the entrance to avoid the long line of cars. I had a great time. There was tons of goodies from clothes, cell phone cases, movies and of course yummy foods. If you want to save some money go later about an hour before closing and food gets really cheap. For now here's a look at some yummy treats I had. 

These potato swirls are the best things since slice bread. Once you get one you can't help but eat more.

Bizarre foods, I'll take you on any time. I really enjoyed the stinky tofu and calamari.  I wasn't that thrilled with the tripe but it definitively fills you up. 

Night market is amazing and is always filled with great food vendors. 

A cute puppy... daw

As the day turned into night, I was a happy girl. Tummy filled with exotic fruits and food. It's easy to see how popular the night market is. It is so big that they have their own traffic cop.